We Don't Just Serve – We Belong

At Infinity, we understand that we are an integral part of the communities we serve, and we take that involvement seriously. Throughout our history, the communities that our services reach have grown to include a variety of backgrounds. As the Hispanic community continues to become a more integral part of our national story, Hispanics have become some of Infinity's best and most sought after insurance clients.  Our efforts to constantly serve our clients more effectively go hand in hand with our efforts to improve the community we live in, and that is why we launched our bilingual reading program, Read Conmigo.

Read Conmigo is an online community outreach program where parents and teachers gain free access to fully bilingual award-winning books designed for children of all ages. The Read Conmigo program is so much more than a website, though, which is why we host a variety of community events to encourage parents and children to become bilingual. At our events, families can discover the many diverse and vibrant Hispanic cultural histories through our stories.

We consider these commitments just another step in providing the best possible services to the communities we serve.  After all, Infinity is here to stay, so why wouldn't we focus so much of our attention on serving not only our customers but also the future generations of drivers.