Infinity Auto Insurance Affiliate Program

Do you have a business? Here's a chance to generate some extra revenue by becoming an Infinity Auto Insurance Affiliate!

With the Infinity Auto Insurance Affiliate program you can offer your customers the opportunity to secure the best possible insurance deals, and make more money at the same time.

How does it work?

  1. Your organization has a database of consumers.
  2. You provide Infinity access to your consumer list.
  3. Using our professional licensed agents, we contact the consumers on your behalf. We explain our business affiliation, and offer them our great insurance rates and first-class service.
  4. We pay you for every quote generated from your consumer list.
  5. Doesn't cost you time and effort.

Do your customers have to buy anything?

No! We want to contact potential clients that could benefit from our insurance products. As your customers, they are automatically qualified.

When do you get paid, and how much?

You can start earning extra revenue today! We will compensate you for every customer from your list who completes a quote through us. And what's more, your payments increase as your lead volume grows:

0-99 $4 $4-$396
100-499 $6 $600-$2,994
500-999 $7 $3,500-$6,993
1,000-4,999 $8 $8,000-$39,992
5,000-9,999 $9 $45,000-$89,991
10,000 + $10 $100,000 +

** Paid for auto insurance quotes. For any non-auto insurance quote we pay a flat $3/lead.

Why choose Infinity as a partner?

Because as an Infinity Auto Insurance Affiliate, your business will be connected to a trusted, familiar Insurance company with an excellent reputation. Your customers will have a chance to become a part of an “A” rated company with:

  • Financial strength your customers can trust
  • Bilingual Staff
  • Strong brand awareness among Hispanics, nationwide
  • A wide variety of insurance products with the best rates
  • Well established ties to the community

For more information, or to apply for affiliation:
Contact Jacob Rodriguez at