Safe Driving Tips Every Driver Should Know

Saving lives and money can be as easy as following a few simple tips

No driver wants to deal with the hassle of an unnecessary insurance claim, and the same goes for your insurance provider. While many accidents are unavoidable, many more can be prevented by paying close attention to a few safe-driving tips. Taking an easy precaution such as being able to identify your car's blind spots can not only save money on your insurance premium — it can save lives.

Routine Car Maintenance

Taking care of routine maintenance and upkeep is the first step to staying safe on a road trip or long drive. This way, problems that could be prevented won’t lead to an issue when you’re far from home and unfamiliar with your surroundings. Also be aware that many laws, like statewide speed limits and rules regarding U-turns, vary from state to state. For this reason you should always familiarize yourself with the local laws of any states that you'll be passing through on vacations and business trips.

Know Your Limits

Driving long distances at night can help cut back on time, but not without adding potential risks. For example, you should always remember to shut off your high beam lights as soon as you notice an approaching car. Forgetting to do so could distract the view of the driver and lead to a collision. Also be sure to only drive while feeling well rested; the moment you begin to feel groggy or ill you should pull over immediately. Pushing yourself past your personal limits in order to reach your destination in less time, or drinking too much caffeine to stay up longer makes the road a more dangerous place for yourself and others.

Don't Drink and Drive

Of course you should always refrain from driving after consuming alcohol or after you've just started a new prescription medication. Getting behind the wheel while in any sort of altered state is always a bad idea and should be avoided under all circumstances.

Driving Without Insurance is Illegal

One of the most important rules to staying safe on the road is never consider driving unless you have a valid insurance policy. Driving without insurance is dangerous, expensive and illegal. The first step to being a safe driver is insuring your car, and by choosing a reliable provider, you'll find yourself with access to all of the tools and assistance needed to be a responsible driver. Finding the right provider for your needs is the first step to remaining safe.

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